Beginner results after 11 weeks: 5-min Speedwrites. #showumine

Here are my beginner speedwrite  results after 11 weeks of T.P.R.S.  No notes, dictionaries or Internet.  Their task was in 5 min describe yourself. This is their 5th 5-min write so their curving bonus is now down to 20. Their score will be wordcount/100 plus grammar score /3 (x33) averaged together.  The small #is grammar and the big # is wordcount.  If a kid got 52 words, their wordcount mark is 72.

Note: this is fully unsheltered grammar, and the kids are in a split 1 and 2 class.

She’s got some past/present tense confusion. Also a few other issues. This is actually not as good as her last one from three weeks ago.mmark will be about 70%. 

Next, Marya:

This is basically perfect. Nice work. Mark will be about 89%


She has the plural son and gustan problem but otherwise this is really good. Mark will be between 85 and 90.

Manisha is already at 100 basically perfect words– nice. Mark will be 100%

Manvir (gr 10) also writes nicely but much more slowly than Manisha (gr 12). She makes a few mistakes but nothing crazy. Mark around 90%

Finally, Eric.  This kid has an IEP and started class two weeks late.  He has spelling problems etc etc (in English), has some kind of “processing problem,” is supposed to write using a computer (but declined one today), is supposed to get extra time, and was dutifully failed out of French in gr 8.

Now, this is not awesome…for a kid with no challenges. For a kid with Eric’s challenges, it’s frikkin’ amazing.  Three weeks ago he wrote 6 words. His oral language is also booting up and he can now say sentences.  This will get him about 60%

So. I’ll mark stories in a day or two.  The beginners– who are getting fully unsheltered grammar from Day 1– are doing well.
The challenge stands: beat my results using grammar teaching, and an evening of drinking is on me. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…and if you want to share results,  use the Twitter hashtage #showumine


  1. How do you come up with your score on the speed write along the way? Did you use Kirstin Duncan’s rubric? Do you have another system for grading these speed writes for beginners?

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