Draw and Discuss

This is awesome, interesting and zero-prep.

Some of my kids started drawing on the board between classes or when I was out grabbing coffee. Some of these pictures were awesome, and so one day I just started discussing these. The next step was, get the kids to create three-panel stories and discuss those.

Here, Prabh and Kevin (who lift, but don’t do legs– what is know locally as the “Surrey jack workout”) attack and kill Mr Stolz, and break his mandolin, then end up in jail for 35 years. I got lotsa reps of se cae, atacan and pegan, and did some voices in first-person:

¿Te gusta el Sr. Stolz?
— No, no me gusta. Da mucha tarea. ¿Te gusta?
Tampoco me gusta. Confiscó mi teléfono.

I have been murdered many, many times.

Anyway, this is now part of our opening routine and it’s loads of fun. Enjoy!

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