Stuffies Monday Story

So I have Spanish 1s and today, Monday, Briana brought our stuffy dog 22 Savage and our monkey Dexter back from their wild weekend.  She sent us five photos which told 22 and Dex’s weekend story.

Here are the photos, and some of what I said about them.  This is early days so I have to keep it very simple.  If you want to do this, it is easy:

  1. Send a stuffie or two home on Friday with a kid.
  2. The kid takes 4-8 photos of the stuffie (and him/herself) which tell a story.
  3. They send you the photos Sunday eve.
  4. You project them in class, and you make statements about them that tell a story.
  5. I use wacky voices to add dialogue.
  6. I ask a few comp questions along the way.

1.  The letter.


22 Savage was at home. A letter arrived.  When the letter arrived, 22 was happy.  He was happy because he had an invitation!

2. The invitation.


22 said to Dex: We have an invitation!
Dex answered: We have an invitation?  To what?
22 said: We have an invitation to a party!
Dex said: I like parties.
22 said: I like parties too!

22 and Dex went to the party in Dex’s purple limousine.

3. Drinking Coke

When they arrived at the party, there was Coke.  Dex and 22 were happy because there was Coke.  Dex likes Coke. 22 also likes Coke.  Dex drank 3 Cokes, and 22 also drank 3 Cokes.  They were happy because they both like Coke.

Dex said: I like dancing.  I want to dance,
22 said: I also like dancing. I also want to dance.
Dex said: There are beautiful girls dancing
22 said: I like dancing with beautiful girls.

4.  Dancing with the girls.


Dex and 22 went to dance.  The girls danced.  Dex and 22 danced.  Dancing was fun. Dex and 22 danced with the beautiful girls.
Briana said: Dex is handsome!
Eisha said: 22 is also very handsome!
22 said: Dex, do you like Briana?
Dex said: Yes, I like Briana.  Do you like Eisha?
22 said: Yes I like Eisha.

5. Getting tired!


Dex and 22 danced a lot.  They enjoyed dancing.  They danced a lot and they were tired.  Oh no! Dex and 22 fell asleep!  They did not fall asleep in the house– they fell asleep outside! Briana saw them outside.  Briana was sad because they fell asleep. Briana wanted to dance with Dex more!



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