Story Charts

I am famously disorganised AND I have a bad memory, so today I started “charting” our story, the “theme” of which is

  • wants to get married
  • brought him/her a/some _____
  • a few nouns
  • dumped (broke up with, left)

Here it is:

So across the top we have three characters.  Below that, we have the intial situation (each character wanted to marry someone), and below that we have the problem(s).  Today we only got to the problem stage so the chart isn’t done.  

Here, Neha got dumped by her fiancé (because he has many goats, and therefore stinks, and she doesn’t, and he does not like girls who do not stink), Sharky preferred to party rather than being a good fiancé, and Jai wanted to have a same-sex polyamorous marriage (the “Christians” must be howling LOL) but his two partners love him only but jealously hate each other 😜.

Basically this is mutant Bollywood.

Anyway, what I like about this is, it makes things easy to remember (for me) and it links storyasking with actual written sentences, which helps the slower processors.  Plus the kids get to see my incredible art skills LOOOOL.  The other great thing here is, limited room to write means I have to limit language and this forces me to focus on the new stuff.

Here is the story’s basic PQA and dialogue:

There will be other dialogue, and lots of direct questions to actors, and PQA with non-actors (PQA is basically asking non-actors the questions one asks the actors in order to personalise the vocabulary).

Anyway, I like my chart and you know what, this would make a good student job, or you could hand out blank sheets of this and have the kids fill in as you go. 



  1. Thank you for posting this! I am HORRIBLE at remembering the stories and find myself shying away from storyasking because of it. I am definitely going to try your suggestion 🙂

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