Tea With BVP Episode Guide

Tea With BVP is Bill VanPatten’s weekly radio show.  It’s archived here.  Listen live Thursdays at 3 PM Eastern, or listen to free podcasts.  This is a good non-technical intro to S.L.A. theory and best practices.

Here’s the episode guide:

  1.  The State of language education today
  2. Whatever happened to comprehensible input?
  3. Textbook:  friend or foe?
  4. Should we get rid of grades in language teaching?
  5. Does explicit language teaching do anything?
  6. Live from A.C.T.F.L. 2016 starring Steve Krashen!
  7. There is no such thing as error in language acquisition.
  8. What does output do for acquisition?
  9. Is it our job to motivate students?
  10. Are there “rules” to be learned in languages?
  11. With Alison Mackey:  What is the relationship between S.L.A. research and classroom practice?
  12. Are vocabulary and grammar learned differently?
  13. What should teacher education be about?
  14. There’s no such thing anymore as “methods.”
  15. Are some languages harder to learn than others?
  16. What is the role of feedback in the language classroom?


    1. Yeah, let’s just not tell Bill that some of his hour long shows have 12min of content 🙂 Naw, I’ll tell him just the same. Like Chris wrote, more SLA content would not appeal to hoi polloi language teachers.

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