Spanish Results: Adriana Ramírez’s Level 1 Spanish #showumine

My colleague Adriana Ramírez (@veganadri) has published some beginner results.  Here are three of her kids’ writing samples from early October 2015.  This is semi-sheltered grammar (no past tense yet) from classic TPRS: storyasking and reading, with some MovieTalk. They had 30 mintes to write these.  Also note that these kids

  • do not “practice” writing
  • do not “practice” or “study” grammar
  • are not forced into any kind of “communicative output” or “communicative pair” activities
  • do not use notes or dictionaries when doing writing assessments.

These are very good results.  Check it!

Ramirez 2015 Sept 1 Ramirez 2015 Sept 2


  1. Awesome results! As I browse through your blog I am trying to apply some of what you do to my situation in terms of assesement. If you have any suggestions–please let me know. I teach Spanish 1-4 in a homeschool situation. This means I see levels 1-3 twice a week for an hour (2 hours total) and level 4 twice a week for 3 hours total. I don’t have to deal with admin, state standards, or any imposed requirements. It is just me and the kids—but I have to keep in mind that these kids will probably go to college and their parents want to have a grade for a transcript.

    Because we only meet 2x a week they have homework—I’ve been working on making sure it is mostly CI— readings, cloze readings, longer versions of what we do in class, textivate versions with games, listening to our stories (I or my husband records on soundcloud)—anything I can come up with to be the equivalent of a full year course.

    My difficulty is assessment. There has to be something because the parents want it. But I want it simple and not time consuming. We do fluency writes. I’m thinking of implementing exit quizzes as you have described, and the comics with sentences.

    Based on your experience (I’m new to this) do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi Christina–

      Make them keep their 5-min writes and their story writes. Each time they do this, they will get longer and their grammar should improve.

      Kids and parents will SEE that they are getting better.

      The comics are a processign strategy– intended to get the kids to do “deep reading” and are easy. Exit quizzes are easy and fast and will give you up-to-the-minute data.

      If you have helicopter parents, make the kids read stories aloud– and translate– to their parents, who will be impressed by what the kids can do.

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