Comprehensible input 1; verb charts 0

Years ago using the legacy method of “communicative” teaching, I’d administer the ¡Juntos! tests. For awhile, I thought, “those kids should have memorised the verb endings for these tests,” so I would take down my huge verb chart during tests. They sucked.

Then, I tried leaving the verb charts up during tests. They sucked.

Now, I don’t have verb charts. My verb teaching is along the lines of “class, the -n on an action word means you guys, or they.” Now, they don’t suck.

American teacher Anne Matava, who teaches German via T.P.R.S., once decided to drop some trad grammar on her fourth-year German students, who had been taught entirely via T.P.R.S. and had never seen a worksheet, etc.

When she showed them charts for conjugating verbs, they said “cool, thanks for the filing system.”


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